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[wtp-dev] Agenda of the WTP Status Telecon, 2006-06-15

See WTP Status Telecons [1] for more information.


1. WTP 1.5 Status

6/14 3:00 PM, last review of any bugs other than blocking or major regressions, all other important ones should be targeted to 1.5.1
(we will, btw, start 1.5.1 builds as soon as we are "done" with 1.5 ... there need be no long delays).

6/14 "end of business" ... final "I-build" for the week, to be smoke tested on Thursday, declared on Friday.
6/15  smoke test

6/17 I-build declared

6/20 (Tuesday) RC5 Declared: produced for callisto (expected to be same as I-build, unless blocking issues found)

(except we will be sure to move up to RC's of GEF and JEM, if we have not moved up by then).

6/22 Calliso RC5 goes "live".

6/22 an I-build produced, if needed

6/23 an I-biuld declared, if needed

6/27 Last chance to do any final build, only if needed

6/28 all final release zips and update site files must be complete by _the morning_ of this date

6/30 Release goes live ... so, what the heck, take the next day off :)

1.1 WTP 1.5 Build Status - David Williams

1.2 WTP 1.5 Targeted Bugs [1] - Jeffrey Liu

We've entered code freeze. We will not fix a bug unless it is stop ship. We still have 2 bugs targeted to the 1.5 release, can owners provide status for them?


1.3 P1 Bugs [1] - Jeffrey Liu

P1 to us mean release defining. Are we fixing them in 1.5 or defering them? Do we have a good reason why we are defering them? Owners, please provide status.


1.4 Marking Bugs as Deferred - Jeffrey Liu

We currently have lots of serious bugs that are untargeted. 129 blocking, critical and major bugs [1], and 93 P1 and P2 bugs [2]. If a bug is intended to be fixed in 1.5.1, its target milestone should be set to 1.5.1. Since these bugs do not have their target milestones set, does this means we are defering all of them to WTP 2.0 and beyond? Or is it because they are not triaged?

In the past, we used P4 to indicate deferred bugs. We should go through these bugs and either change their target milestone to 1.5x or mark them as deferred.

I would also like to revisit the current process of using P4 to indicate deferred bugs. Personally, I think this process adds lots of overhead to the bug owner. Imagine someone changes the priority of a bug to P4 in WTP 1.5 for the sake of marking it as deferred. Then changes it back to P2 when we enter WTP 2.0. This is a lot of work and the true priority of the bug can easily be lost during the process.

I propose we use 1.5_deferred in the status whiteboard field to indicate a bug that is going to be deferred beyond the WTP 1.5 release.

Comments/suggestions welcomed.



1.5 WTP 1.5 PMC Approved Bugs [1] - Jeffrey Liu


1.5 WTP 1.5 Hot Bugs - Jeffrey Liu


1.6 WTP 1.5 Hot Bug Requests [1] - Jeffrey Liu

Owners should update the bug status
prior to the status telecon.


1.7 Bugs to be Triaged [1] - Jeffrey Liu

QA owners should triage these bugs.


1.8 Bugs to be Verified and Closed

Now that development of WTP 1.5 is winding down it's time to confirm all of the wonderful fixes that have gone into WTP by verifying bugs. We currently have 2746 bugs that have been resolved but not verified. A report sorted by reporter is available at [1]. Please get cracking on verifying your bugs.

...and there are currently 404 bugs that have been verified but not closed. A report sorted by owner is available at [2]. Most of these should be straightforward to close. Please fulfil your destiny and scrub this list by closing bugs that you have already fixed and that have been verified.



2. WTP 1.5.1 Change Policy - Tim Wagner

As we wrap up 1.5 and begin branching for maintenance, a quick reminder of the policy for 1.5.1:

General expectation: 1.5 adopters should be able to take 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 without problems
        - Binary compatibility is required among all point releases and 1.5
        - Source compatibility is required among all point releases and 1.5
        - Full project interoperability among these releases (e.g., a project created in 1.5.1 must be usable in 1.5 without changes)

Without prior PMC approval, no new, changed, or deleted
        - Extension points
        - APIs
        - Features (including major UI changes)

Bug fixes and performance enhancements are generally ok and do not require PMC approval until rampdown

3 WTP 1.0.3 Status - David Williams

3.1 WTP 1.0.3 approved bugs [1] - Jeffrey Liu


4. Dali Review Update - Tim Wagner

5. Other Business - Open

Congratulations Peter for becoming a committer!

Test coverage for all WTP classes/methods[1]


Jeffrey Liu
IBM Rational Software
IBM Toronto Lab.
8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario, L6G 1C7
Internal mail: D3/UMZ/8200/MKM (D3-268)
T/L: 969 3531
Tel: (905) 413 3531
Fax: (905) 413 4920

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