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[wtp-dev] Marking bugs as deferred


We currently have lots of serious bugs that are untargeted. 129 blocking, critical and major bugs [1], and 93 P1 and P2 bugs [2]. If a bug is intended to be fixed in 1.5.1, its target milestone should be set to 1.5.1. Since these bugs do not have their target milestones set, does this means we are defering all of them to WTP 2.0 and beyond? Or is it because they are not triaged?

In the past, we used P4 to indicate deferred bugs. We should go through these bugs and either change their target milestone to 1.5x or mark them as deferred.

I would also like to revisit the current process of using P4 to indicate deferred bugs. Personally, I think this process adds lots of overhead to the bug owner. Imagine someone changes the priority of a bug to P4 in WTP 1.5 for the sake of marking it as deferred. Then changes it back to P2 when we enter WTP 2.0. This is a lot of work and the true priority of the bug can easily be lost during the process.

I propose we use 1.5_deferred in the status whiteboard field to indicate a bug that is going to be deferred beyond the WTP 1.5 release.

Comments/suggestions welcomed.




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