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[wtp-dev] 1.5 Bug Triage: 94 bugs still targeted to this release

Component leads and WTP committers:


Only 15 business days remain until final code lockdown across all Callisto projects, and WTP still has a whopping 94 bugs targeted to this release:,bugs.priority%2Cbugs.target_milestone%2Cbugs.priority%2Cmap_assigned_to.login_name%2Cbugs.priority%2Cmap_assigned_to.login_name%2Cbugs.bug_status%2Cbugs.priority%2Cbugs.bug_id&query_based_on=


At this stage, P3s don’t make the risk/reward cut – component leads, please triage all remaining P3s by the Thursday status call, and carefully review your P1/P2 lists to see if there are bugs in there that can be deferred or will not make it in this week. The PMC will only be approving “ship killing” defects after this week, and they should represent regressions or discovery of serious issues only, not cleanup work or anything cosmetic.


Thanks for your help – we’re almost there, and it’s time to start locking everything down so we can have a stable release as part of Callisto.




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