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Re: [wtp-dev] Smoke test next Tuesday? plus today.

Ok, I won't say who, but one of the component leads has requested we smoke test today, to be able to have a declared I-build tomorrow, on Friday
in addition to smoke testing on Tuesday to have an RC declared on Wednesday. There is currently a build running which has the latest
EMF version, and the JUnits failures should be fixed. So, once that's ready, (probably about 1 pm eastern), I will be asking for
quick smoke tests for a quick declare. If possible, please smoke test quickly, so won't hold up other teams who will have to wait to release
for the RC builds.

Thanks ... I'm sure Chuck appreciates your help :)


David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
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05/25/2006 03:57 AM

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[wtp-dev] Smoke test next Tuesday?

Time is compressing ... which I think means we are nearing the speed of light ... oh, wait, that's physics.

For us, its only because for the callisto schedule we are to produce our M4 next Wednesday, the 31st,
which means all code done by Monday night, and smoke test Tuesday. (And Monday is a holiday in the US).

Given that, I suggest we not test this Thursday, since we need that time to fix a few more  bugs, and does not
make sense to have formal smoke tests/declarations just days apart.

Of course, teams can still test if they like (which everyone should be doing!) just no need to report, declare, etc.

Also, since next week is our M4, I suggest we have no 1.0.3 smoke test next week ... I think only one or two changes
have gone in anyway.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, let me know.


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