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[wtp-dev] Concerns about the RC4 approval process

As discussed on yesterday's status call (see section 3.1 below), WTP developers who have concerns with the RC4 approval process (all RC4 fixes require PMC approval [1]) should speak with their component leads before next Tuesday. The component leads should forward any concerns raised to the PMC by sending an e-mail to wtp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx or by dialling into the PMC status call. (I can provide the call information to those component leads that wish to dial in.) The PMC call is scheduled for 10am EST so please forward all concerns to the PMC before that point.



Lawrence Mandel

Software Developer
IBM Rational Software
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Please respond to
"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[wtp-dev] Minutes of the WTP Status Telecon, 2006-05-18

See WTP Status Telecons [1] for more information.



Ted Bashor

Chuck Bridgham

Kathy Chan

Keith Chong

Nitin Dahyabhai
Tim DeBoer

Larry Dunnell

Rob Frost

Larry Issacs

Konstantin Komissarchik
John Lanuti

Lawrence Mandel

Kate Price

Tim Wagner

David Williams

Amy Wu


1. Actions Items - Lawrence Mandel

Active Items

The following actions items showed some activity last week. [1]
136716 nor P3 PC csalter@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS FIXE [action] XML: Review and identify changes in WTP 1.5 that...
136717 nor P3 PC katep@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS FIXE [action] WS: Review and identify changes in WTP 1.5 that ...

3 bugs found.

Open Items

The following action items are currently open [2]. Action items owners should update their status in Bugzilla prior to the status telecon. Thx.

[action] Konstantin - document the workaround in the bug and move it off the list. Also confirm that this problem will be addressed in 2.0.
*note: this action does not have a corresponding bugzilla entry

Kosta: Done.



2. WTP 1.0.3 Status - David Williams

David: I have not restarted the build. The build will likely resume this weekend once RC3 is done. Naci and I have some changes to make this Friday.
Ted: Are we planning to have an official 1.0.3 smoke tested build each week?
David: I think we should do a weekly Ibuild with smoke tests starting next week.

2.1 WTP 1.0.3 approved bugs [1] - Lawrence Mandel


3. WTP 1.5 Status

3.1 WTP 1.5 Build Status - David Williams

David: An RC3 candidate is available that component teams should currently be smoke testing. There have been some small doc changes since the build that will require a respin but there is no need to smoke test again. Does anyone need a rebuild?
Chuck: We currently have lots of exceptions when running our JUnit tests that have to do with validation jobs closing before the tests are finished. Although this is not something users will hit as the problems are with the tests themselves we've cleaned up a bunch of the tests and would like to get them in. We'd also like to get another defect in that fixes a problem with classpaths.
Keith: 140813 is a major regression. We have a fix and are requesting a respin.
David: We will respin today. We'll start the build at 5pm EST.

Kosta: The process for RC4 requires PMC approval for fixing bugs. I don't think we're at that point yet. There are many more quality bugs that need to be fixed.
Lawrence: I propose that component leads discuss this with their teams and bring concerns to the PMC by sending mail to wtp-pmc or joining the PMC call on Tuesday. This item will be added to next week's PMC call.

3.2 WTP 1.5 Hot Bugs [1] - Lawrence Mandel


3.3 WTP 1.5 Hot Bug Requests [1] - Lawrence Mandel


3.4 P1 Bugs [1] - Lawrence Mandel

3.5 Blocking Bugs [1] - Lawrence Mandel

3.6 Bugs to be Triaged [1] - Lawrence Mandel

We're down to 72 bugs to triage (as of 1:05pm EST May 18, 2006). Great work! Keep it up. There are still bugs that were opened over a year ago that are assigned to inboxes.

3.7 Bugs Targeted to Past Milestones/Release Candidates [1] - Lawrence Mandel

There are currently 74 bugs targeted to 1.5 M4, 1.5 M5, 1.5 M6, 1.5 RC1 and 1.5 RC2. These milestones and release candidates have already been declared. Please retarget these bugs.

Kathy: WS currently uses M6 as a way of identifying that changes should be made in 1.5 but that we do not know the specific RC.
Lawrence: A target should only be assigned once the specific milestone in known.
Tim: It appears that we intended to fix a lot of defects in M6 but were unable to. I've also noticed a lot of bugs where the target is simply rolled up on every milestone release.
David: There is a new field in bugzilla called the "status whiteboard". This can be used for any information your teams need to add to bugs for your own queries.


4. Other Business - Open

No other business.

Lawrence Mandel

Software Developer
IBM Rational Software
Phone: 905 - 413 - 3814   Fax: 905 - 413 - 4920
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