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[wtp-dev] Proposal to improve Target Milestone handling



We currently have no way of designating commitment to fix a bug in a certain release vs a specific milestone in that release. In my personal experience and judging by how other people handle their bugs, one needs to be able to designate a bug as one that will be fixed in a certain release (such as 1.5 or 2.0) before one knows precisely which milestone the bug will be fixed in. Lack of this facility has led developers across wtp to adopt one of two behaviors: (1) set the target milestone immediately to the current milestone and then roll the bug from milestone to milestone, or (2) set the target milestone immediately to the last milestone in the release even if the bug might be fixed prior to that milestone. The problem with both of these approaches is that they dilute the meaning of this field. It is no longer possible to distinguish genuine milestone targets from these fuzzy ones.


Proposed Solution


We could add an entry for each release into the list of items available in the Target Milestone field (such as 2.0 in addition to 2.0 M1, 2.0 M2, etc.). This way devs could target bugs to a particular release before they know which milestone the bug will be fixed in. Once a particular milestone can be committed to, the Target Milestone settings can be adjusted accordingly. This approach, I believe, would take care of the situations that prompt the developers to utilize workarounds described above while being true in spirit to the intention behind the Target Milestone field.


Note that using comments or whiteboard to mark release commitments is not a good solution as neither is easily queryable or visible in bug lists.


- Konstantin

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