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[wtp-dev] Reminder to WTP Committers to nominate a "greatbug"

What? You don't know what a greatbug is? In that case, I haven't been doing a good job of communicating!

For background, please see

On one level a "greatbug" is one that gives the originator a chance to win an iPod .... or a bike!
That's the main reason I'm writing this note ...
Wouldn't you like to reward our community and testers with a chance to win?!

On the other hand a "great bug" is one that gives WTP (or Eclipse as a whole) "great value"
(big improvement if fixed, so good use of developers time) and "great action" (makes developer's
time more efficient ... either includes a patch! includes some clear "how to reproduce" instructions,
perhaps narrows down exactly what platforms or which other components are related to causing the bug).

The first step is for you, a WTP committers to nominate one -- just add the keyword 'greatbug' to the bug,
and include a sentence or two on why you think it gives "great value" and "great action".

The second step is that the WTP PMC reviews them, and if they agree its a great bug forwards on to the EMO to include in the
applicable drawings. (As far as I know, this review step is mostly a safe guard step, to keep John from nominating all his own bugs :)

So, don't worry over the details -- there's no hard and fast rules -- any bug is eligible, any originator -- if in doubt, nominate it anyway :)

I think every WTP committer should set a goal for themselves of nominating at least one per
milestone or release candidate. At this point, there has not been very many nominations at all ... probably because they all seem
so great to us :) ... but its a nice "community activity" we should encourage.


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