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[wtp-dev] End game details and procedures for WTP Release 1.0.2

How time flies ... time to "lock down" 1.0.2.

I've written up the details on a wiki page (so it can be a central reference, and so it can be updated if I've made errors).
So, bookmark

The most important points for immediate action:
        all releases for 1.0.2 stream must now be reviewed and approved by PMC
                (see link for details on how).
        By Thursday's status call, please triage all "1.0.2" bugs (those targeted and those on hot list).
                Rumor has it there's 22 ... which is likely too many to fix in the approximately 7 days remaining.
                (so, let's assess them, and make a realistic list by Thursday's status call).

Also, please note, the timing of 1.0.2 is such that its "in between" our 1.5 M6 and our 1.5 RC1 .. so, don't make the mistake that you can devote "full time" to 1.0.2.
There will soon be similar notes about shutting down 1.5!

Thanks all

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