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[wtp-dev] JSP Editor: two kinds of validation?

There seems to be two types of validation in the JSP editor. One kind find problems like this:


where foo:bar is a tag that doesn't exist. This kind of validation is normally instant (as you type) but it does not update markers. The problem is underlined in the editor but neither the Problems view or the navigator are decorated to tell you there is a problem even after you do a clean build.

The second kind catches things like this:

<%@ taglib uri=""; prefix="h"%>
<%@ taglib uri=""; prefix="h"%>

Where the same prefix is used twice. This second case is identifiably validated using the IValidator framework.

This raises the following questions in my mind:

1) Why are there two modes of validation?
2) Why is most validation is done in this first way that seems less satisfactory given that is triggers no markers or build warnings?


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