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[wtp-dev] Does everyone just love ISO-8859-1?

See bug 132898 for details, but its become apparent we don't have a good consistent way of specifying with charset/encoding in our java code file (and property files, etc). These language are very old-fashion and did not learn from the lessons in structured text ... encoding must be specified in the content. But, since its not, we'll have to pick a common one.

Anyway, we are in no "big trouble", .. but some odd cases of "corrupted characters" due to encoding changing from machine to machine. So ... we should specificy encoding to notifier the compiler how to interpret the files. Main choices are UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1. I'd recommend the latter, since is more "traditional". Besides tradition, our CVS server uses it, and if we wanted to use UTF-8 we'd either have to get them to change, or, just check in files as 'binary' and loose some functionality.

But we should all in WTP should do consistently

The best way to do this is to set the project settings to use the text encoding to ISO-8859-1, unless someone has a great objection.
That way, as team members or community check out the encodings, instead of just getting their own preference.

I've already fixed the compiler to always use ISO-8859-1, and most of you only haven to change the default setting under project properties.
I don't recommend relying not rely on the workbench setting ... that's kind of outdated for team shared projects.

Sound ok?

Action for you? I've already sent notes/bugs to those that might have more to do .. but if you didn't get one of those, please just change your project setting,
to be ISO-8859-1. If you have questions, or need help, I'm sure several of us would be perfectly happy to help.

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