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[wtp-dev] R101 M builds open for business -- use R1_0_maintenance branch of releng


I've branched the WTP map files, and named it "R1_0_maintenance".

So ... if you want to include a fix in R101, be sure you have the "R1_0_maintenance" branch of releng loaded and synched in your workspace,
and release your projects to that branch. (And, ... re-release to head of releng if you are maintaining same stream
for both 1.0.1 and 1.5). [Its up to each development team if and when to branch their actual code -- the version tag is all that
matters for the build].

As decided in last status meeting, Monday "night", say Tuesday 2 AM (Eastern), at latest, should be cut off for weekly
"M" build code, so on Tuesday, most recent 'committer' M-build should be smoke tested, and results posted to wtp-releng.
The goal then is that a weekly M build will be declared by Wednesday noon (eastern) .... allowing some time for re-build,
in case some regression occurs.

I believe technically, that means Tuesday 1/3/06 is first "smoke test" day -- assuming anyone releases a fix by then.

Note: currently "pre-reqs" are the same for 1.0, namely 3.1.1 ... we'll likely eventually use 3.1.2, but hopefully should not
matter .. we need to be 100% binary/behavior compatible .... if anyone ever finds a reason that can not be true ... be sure
to speak up loudly.

Thanks all.

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