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[wtp-dev] Status of RC2 Build: desperately seeking RC2!

We are still trying to get an RC2 build worth smoke testing, so we can declare RC2, and begin our week long "absolutely-positively-no-changes" testing period.

There was some infrastructure slow down's last night that caused us to go without a build  for 8 hours (I *think* from, since we saw problems in US and Istanbul).
 ... so ...some were rudely awakened with JUnit failures.  Those fixes have been released, but that build probably won't be ready to start until 10 or 11 AM eastern, and, barring any
infrastructure slow downs, complete about 1 PM or 2 PM eastern. I suggest we smoke test that one so we can get one to declare today.

There is still 6 or 8 bugs that appear "targeted" for this build ... are fixes forthcoming?

Should be an interesting status call this afternoon! :)

Please be prepared to discuss non only bugs, but smoke test results or plans ... I'm assuming everyone can do one today, but that might not be realistic.
And, if we wait until tomorrow to declare RC2, then we'll be our week-long countdown immediately, with no buffer.

Thanks all,


Oh, and btw, even though we haven't declared yet, since we've past the deadline for it, let's still start "strict" shut down rules ... no more releases without PMC review approval?

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