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[wtp-dev] Facet targeted at a specific runtime

I would like a version of my facet to target a specific runtime (WAS V5.1) and another version of my facet target any other version that meats the minimum J2EE level.

based on an example I did something like...

    <runtime-component id="" version="5.1" />
            <facet id="" version="1.0"/>
      <runtime-component any="true"/>
      <facet id="" version="1.1"/>

In the new Web Project wizard I only see the 1.0 version of my facet as an option when I target the V5.1 runtime, but I also see the version 1.1 of my facet (not only shown as an option but selected by default).

Is there a way to stop facet version 1.1 from appearing as an option for this runtime?


Kevin Bauer
Developer Eclipse Web Tooling
External (919)254-0265 TL 444-0265

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