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[wtp-dev] Who new "smoke test" was a real software industry term? And oh, yeah, RC1 is ready for smoke testing.

That's the RC1 dated   Thu, 1 Dec 2005 -- 03:37 (UTC)


Please post "pass, fail" notes here by noon on Thursday (eastern time).
Especially please verify recent "blockers" remain fixed and no regressions on the
main paths. In other words, that this build can be used for in-depth testing
to verify its readiness for release.

For more on "smoke tests" see,,sid10_gci930076,00.html
I just thought some guy here at work made it up! ... I need to get out more :)

I have suspened all builds, please release nothing in case we need to re-spin for
some blocking regression. After that ... the new release rules will apply.

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