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RE: [wtp-dev] Endgame reminder

What is the policy on UI changes?   Will they be permitted, with lead approval, between Nov 30 - Dec 6?
As I understood it, we were going to allow some UI changes (preceeded by a courtesy note to the wtp-dev list) only until RC1.  However, several devs are skeptical that we can/should declare UI freeze tomorrow, and would like until RC2.  (Of course, that leaves little time to test those changes if we ship a week later.)
Thanks, Ted
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Subject: [wtp-dev] Endgame reminder

We’re scheduled to produce our first WTP 1.0 release candidate, RC1, tomorrow (Wed) November 30th. As a reminder, the development process changes after that:


  • November 30 – December 6: All checkins require Bugzilla entry and component lead approval (recorded in CVS and Bugzilla). Only high priority / high severity issues should be addressed. No API changes are permitted (except to not declare as API anything with insufficient documentation or testing).
  • December 7th: RC2 produced.
  • December 7 – ship: Checkins require the process above plus PMC approval and announcement on this email list once approved. Each checkin will be assigned an RC; the PMC will schedule additional RCs as needed. To propose a fix in this time period:
    • Ensure that a Bugzilla entry exists and that the relevant component lead will sponsor the request, and provide all of the following in the writeup
    • Benefit – who needs the fix and why?
    • Available workarounds (and their suitability) – what happens if the fix is not included in WTP 1.0?
    • Ideally the patch should be available, but if not, then a concrete cost estimate to prepare the fix
    • Risk analysis (to stability and performance) if the checkin is permitted
    • Have the component lead send the request to wtp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx.


Note that test and documentation changes may continue beyond RC2, and are not subject to the checkin rules above.


Due to the need for a sufficient test window beyond the final RC, any extension beyond 12/9 will result in a delay to the public release date (12/16) on a 1-for-1 basis.


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