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[wtp-dev] org.eclipse.wst.validation.validator support for facets?

Are there any plans for the subject ext. pt. to support facets?  Currently, I can specify a <projectNature id="some nature id"/> such that my contributed validator is invoked only if the project in question has the specified nature.  But some tooling that extends WTP stuff is moving to facets, rather than natures, to indicate the presence of, say, some particular runtime support or functionality in the target project.  So it would be nice if this extension point let me specify a facet, rather than a nature.  As it is now, the best I can do is to specify a projectNature id="org.eclipse.wst.common.modulecore.ModuleCoreNature" (because the nature that I used to use is going away and becoming a facet instead).  But that means that my plug-in gets activated, and my validator invoked, on projects it doesn't care about.

- Gary

Gary Johnston
Team Lead, Web Application Diagramming, Struts Tools, Web Application Sketching
Rational Application/Web Developer

IBM Rational Software
IBM Software Group
Research Triangle Park, NC

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