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[wtp-dev] Plan to remove 3 public fields from WSDLConstants in M10

I have been working on cleaning up the WSDL model API (along with Javadoc).
While reviewing the class "org.wst.wsdl.util.WSDLConstants" (API), which
defines public fields that are intended to identify WSDL element nodes, I
discovered that the following 3 constant fields are placed among them.
However these fields do not quite fit into the intention since they do not
represent any of the WSDL element tags.

  public static final int ELEMENT = 14;
  public static final int TYPE = 15;
  public static final int EXTENSIBILITY_ELEMENT = 24;

I searched through WTP components for the consumers of the above three
fields to find that the WSDL editor (org.eclipse.wst.wsdl.ui) is the only
user of these fields. I plan to remove these fields after having them
localized in the WSDL editor in M10 so if you have any problems or
concerns, please let me know as soon as possible.

- Kihup

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