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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP FAQ updated

We should be able to generate a list of known problems from bugzilla. Every problem should be recorded in bugzilla, so we just have to create the right query.

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Nitin Dahyabhai <nitind@xxxxxxxxxx>
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08/13/2005 12:40 AM

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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP FAQ updated

On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 06:35:03PM -0400, Lawrence Mandel wrote:
> Having one "known problems for 0.7" question with a link to a known
> problems page sounds like a good idea. I know you said you already have a
> Web services new and noteworthy page ready to go. Can you create an
> overall new and noteworthy page and add a question to the FAQ? Let me know
> if you don't have time and I'll take care of this.

I've been meaning to assemble such a document since 0.7 was declared,
but I think we've all been busy planning for M8 and beyond.  The 0.7 New
and Noteworthy should really contain everything noteworthy that's been
added since the Initial Contribution evaluation documentation was
created since the previous milestones aren't intended for download any
more.  Eclipse follows this model themselves since the Eclipse 3.1 New
and Noteworthy covers functions introduced throughout the entire cycle,
not just in the final milestone and the release candidates.  I'll try to
put as much of it together as I can within the next few days.

Sometime earlier, Kathy Chan wrote:
> Is the FAQ supposed to be where the Known Problems of the various WTP
> components be listed?  In previous WTP milestones, we have a New and
> Noteworthy document for the milestone pointing to the various WTP
> components.  The known problems of the various components were listed in
> those documents.  I don't see such a document listed for WTP 0.7.  Are we
> supposed to use the FAQ for that?  May be we could have a question such as
> "What are the known problems?" and then point to the known problems of the
> various components (which are updated by the component teams) with
> bugzilla numbers for those interested in tracking when the bugs are fixed?

I don't think the FAQ is the right place for known problems.  Known
problems are put into Bugzilla and get fixed while having the known
problems in the FAQ would mean having to *remove* those questions when a
problem gets fixed.  The FAQ page exists to save both developers' and
users' time, and having to update it when we fix something isn't
terribly productive (we already don't have a great record of updating
our in-progress status on the milestone plans).  They also don't belong
in the New and Noteworthy documents since those documents are permanent
fixtures along-side the release downloads, and again those problems will
be fixed in time.

A list of known, severe problems should be made available, but I always
thought that's what the build notes were for.  After all, the problems
we'd want to list for 0.7 were the ones that developers just didn't have
time to fix, or that were too large or otherwise risky to fix without
destabilizing the release.

Can we update the 0.7 build/download page to point to both the New and
Noteworthy and Known Severe Problems documents once they're completed?

Nitin Dahyabhai
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