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[wtp-dev] What happened to all our old pre-release milestone builds?

This is a question no one has ever asked ... and
I hope no one ever needs to know ... but just in case ...

As discussed in one of our "development calls" we don't want to completely delete
"significant builds and old releases" ... but we also don't want to clutter up space on mirror
sites for old builds seeing little traffic. So ... our friendly Eclipse Foundation webmaster has devised a way to accomplish
this and I have (I think) finally moved all the old, currrently hidden, milestone builds to the archive location and updated
all the required web pages -- much thanks to following the example of the Eclipse platform
(who recently did the same thing).

If you get a chance, click around the archive site a little to see if all seems ok and if I hear no complaints,
I will for-real delete the out-of-date, mirrored, hidden, old milestone builds in a week or so.

The only implication for community, that I know of, is that if for some reason someone still had an
automated build script which was "pulling" an old milestone build form the download site, that pull would still
be working now .. but the build script should be updated to pull from the archive site, or it will soon stop working.


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