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[wtp-dev] Seeking approval for 105059


As per defect approval rules for 0.7, I would like to request approval for
defect 105059.

The defect has been reviewed by Craig Salter to verify its urgency and the
fix is implemented, reviewed, and tested.
This defect is so high priority because it's a regression on the frequently
used function - content assist on XML files based on XML Schemas.
The fix is low risk: removing obsolete code that produced undesired effect
of truncating "file:" protocol from the schema URI.

Please discuss, vote, or feel free to ask any further follow up questions.
The development contact is Ella Belisario, ebelisar@xxxxxxxxxx.

Best regards,

Ella Belisario
Rational Studio XML Web Services
IBM Toronto Software Laboratory
8200 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario L6G 1C7
Tel:   905-413-5834     Fax:   905-413-4903

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