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[wtp-dev] Seeking approval for 94602


As per defect approval rules for 0.7, J2EE would like to request approval for defect 94602.

The defect has been reviewed by our team and server tools to verify its urgence and the fix is implemented, reviewed, and tested.
See the defect for further details, but the gist of why this is so high priority:

This problem presents the user with a very bad change
management issue (in our case w/ CVS) as this .deployables code should never
be checked in...without this fix the user will be prompted to check in all the
code (with the exception of the .classes which are marked as derived via the
java builder).  This inconsistency will cause problems for anyone else who
checks out these partially released .deployables code and could cause future
build issues.

Please discuss, vote, or feel free to ask any further follow up questions.  The development contact is Derek Holt, dfholt@xxxxxxxxxx.


John Lanuti
Software Engineer, IBM Rational
t/l 441-7861

"You see this wandering soul, he's never gonna stop, because he loves and he feels this world can grow.
He's not afraid of feeling, he loves what he believes, he feels, and he grows."  - Of A Revolution

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