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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP update site

Jeffrey Liu wrote:


We'll need an update site when WTP 0.7 goes out the door. I have created an Ant script that semi-automates the creation of the update site. I would like to get your feedbacks on this. Here's how it works. Say you want to generate an update site for RC1, you would run the following command:

ant -DbuildType=S -DbuildId=0.7RC1 -Dtimestamp=200507150303

If you'd like, you can add prompts for some or all of these parameters to make things easier to remember. For example, the following comes from Matt Raible's AppFuse build file[1]:

<!-- Prompt user for input -->
<input message="What would you like to name your application [myapp]?" addproperty="" defaultvalue="myapp"/> <input message="And your database [mydb]?" addproperty="" defaultvalue="mydb"/> <input message="What about a package name [org.appfuse]?" addproperty="" defaultvalue="org.appfuse"/>


This will produce a zip file with site.xml and all the update jars in it. By default, the generated update jars will have a 4th digit version in them. Therefore, we can have milestone updates or even integration build updates. For updates between releases (0.7, 1.0, 1.5 and etc...). You would run the following command instead:

ant -DbuildType=<type> -DbuildId=<id> -Dtimestamp=<timestamp> -skip4thPart

This will generate update jars without the 4th digit version.

After the zip file is created, we need to manually upload and unzip it to the download server. For release updates, unzip it to "webtools/updates". For milestone updates, unzip it to "webtools/updates-milestones".

There are very convenient Ant FTP tasks that can automate this as well, however they require the loading of two additional Apache JARs in client Ant installs. You would also probably need to unzip prior to FTP'ing as well.


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