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[wtp-dev] Bugs I've fixed in I-7/18 builds.

I think we were intending to start to list bugs fixed as we prepare for RC2, mostly to keep each other and the community better informed --
especially if there are bugs blocking them from doing their "final testing" for .7 release. (And, we'll be even stricter about this next week).

So ... to try and follow my own advise, the following defects are those I have personal knowledge. The last one,
the blocking 103767 in particular contained a conceptual change (its not API, not even provisional ... but just in case) so that
'encodinginfo' is no longer part of the "content model". We are transitioning to use the Eclipse base "contentType" preferences and
preferences directly from the "new" wizards. This might effect some "corner cases" for 0.7 release (e.g. if a schema is written in Japanese, encoded in shift-jis and uses Japanese characters in required tag names, we will not handle the 'generate' case correctly).
We'll handle all cases in future, but if anyone has any concerns, let me know.

Plus, we've fixed the main problem with "NPE when new JSP or XML document created or opened" ... but there were two cases reported, one easy to reproduce, the other intermittent ... we are pretty sure the same bug is the cause of both, but if anyone sees the intermittent one on builds later than 7/18, please let us know.

103867  maj     P2      PC      david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx       RESO    FIXE    NPE when new JSP or XML document created or opened
103896  nor     P2      PC      david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx       RESO    FIXE    Memory leak in BasicStructuredDocument
104101  maj     P3      PC      amywu@xxxxxxxxxx                RESO    FIXE    Remove old translated property files from SSE
103767  blo     P2      PC      rmah@xxxxxxxxxx                 RESO    FIXE    problems attempting to create a new XML file from an XML ...

Also .. those doing "final testing" can always use bugzilla to do queries on "recent fixes",
and committers, please indicate in the bug approximately which build you expect it to be in.


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