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[wtp-dev] Exact timing of our 7/22 RC2 build?

We are scheduled to produce RC2 on 7/22 (this Friday).

I've heard the next version of JEM will not be available until 7/22.
(This is, technically VE 1.1, and JEM is just riding along for the ride).

We are currently using JEM from 6/23,

I would like to advocate we immediately move up to the I-7/15 JEM version
and then on Friday try to wait until the final version of JEM is declared on 7/22  before spinning our
RC2 on 7/22, which is likely to put us available on 7/23, especially on Istanbul time :)

There are not actually any changes planned or known for JEM for any of these
builds, so this is mostly about build hygiene and sanity checking that all is
still unchanged as expected.

If anyone has any concerns about this plan, please let us know.

[BTW, VE lead has suggested in future releases they will plan to build JEM separately,
so JEM can become final before all of VE becomes final].

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