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[wtp-dev] jarring plugins are worth it

Given that its never too early to brag about performance, memory, or disk space improvements ...
(thereby encouraging all of you to do similar :)

By jarring up 18 of our sse related plugins, we saved 35% of on-disk space (on NTFS) and reduced "files" by 95%!
I think these are pretty representative plugins, so I hope we can get all of our WTP plugins jarred up (except for
those few who can not, for some technical reason).

Now if we can just reduce the number of our plugins :)

Thanks, Tim, for your previous good summary of "how to" directions and leading the way in this effort.

18 SSE related plugins

Jarred  (6/3 I-build)

18 files (0 folders)
5.25 MB
4.28 on disk (NTFS)

Traditional  (5/26 I build)

383 Files, 80 Folders

5.46 MB
6.64 on disk (NTFS)

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