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RE: [wtp-dev] Re: Improve WTP startup performance, use manifest instead of plugin.xml

Larry Dunnel wrote:
>Please do not make this change for the RDB component. 
>RDB component must run on Eclipse 3.0.  I believe if you deliver this
change, you will break us for Eclipse 3.0. 

May I kindly suggest a CVS support branch for 3.0 without those changes?
And HEAD with those changes so 3.1 users can benefit when WTP goes 1.0
AFIAK, the drivers for test and development of WTP are based on 31M6 and
probably M7 now, on RC1 tomorrow :-)
And current WTP dependencies also AFAIK require a 3.1 version.
Meaning that to run on 3.0 you already need some back-porting and retest
of WTP, something the folks of Yoxos did.
To me CVS branching is the way to go as the minimum.
If such a small mod offerrs an 8% perf gain, thtat is worth it!
I understand the concerns of Larry, but why would everybody be impacted
by that?
. Just my 2 cents. :-)

philippe ombredanne | nexB - Open by Design (tm)
1 650 799 0949 | pombredanne at 

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