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Re: [wtp-dev] Updating drivers

Naci ... unless you know something I don't, its JEM we use, not all of VE.
And, yes, you're right, they do have an official "M" build now for JEM,
(we'd want SDK version for our SDK version, but the Runtime
version for our Runtime-only version)

But, I might added, it still lists
EMF build I200504141117
as its "pre-req" ... so, unless you
know of reaons why EMF update is needed,
or, know for sure EMF update is ok with JEM M1.
Then perhaps we shouldn't tempt fate with
EMF update?

Perhaps others on list are more knowledgable,
or, perhaps you could contact leads of JEM and EMF
and ask them their advice?


Naci Dai <naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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05/10/2005 03:12 AM

Please respond to
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[wtp-dev] Updating drivers

For this weeks I-Build, we propose to update to the following new drivers:

EMF - I200505050300
GEF - S-3.1M6-200504121127  (same as before)
VE -   S-1.1M1-200504251532

If you have concerns please voice them before wednesday.

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