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Re: [wtp-dev] EAR cannot be added to a Server

Hi Thomas,

As I understand it, the EAR server support was not ready in M4, so the "Run on.." menu was pulled.
Gorcam, is there a timeline on ear module support?

Thanks - Chuck

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05/04/2005 08:56 PM

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[wtp-dev] EAR cannot be added to a Server

Hi all,

I am trying to port a server adapter to M4.

EAR project can no longer being added to the server.

Taking a brief look at the code and cvs. The change was made in Apr 27.

Would anyone mind shinning some light on the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Thomas Yip

------------ affected file ------------

package org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.internal.deployables;

public class EnterpriseApplicationDeployableFactory {

                // ...

                public IModule[] getModules() {
                                 //turned off for M4
                                 ArrayList moduleList = new ArrayList();
                                 for (Iterator iter = projects.values().iterator();
iter.hasNext();) {
                                                  IModule[] element = (IModule[]);
                                                  for (int j = 0; j < element.length; j++) {
                                 IModule[] modules = new IModule[moduleList.size()];
                                 return modules;*/
      return null;


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