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[wtp-dev] Status and final plans of our "march to M4"

After talking to some component leads and Naci Dai, I've come up with this plan for builds for the immediate future.

tonight 4/27 5 PM (EDT) - we'll do an I-build to confirm the failing JUnit tests are fixed and effected teams
can sanity check their "blocking" defects, and, just in general ensure the build goes ok.

4/28 12:00 noon (EDT) - we'll do our final M-candidate build (as originally planned). -- it is this
build all teams should sanity check to make sure no blocking regressions introduced with the
other fixes. [And, if fact, if by chance there are no last minutes fixes/changes from previous build,
this build will not be required].

4/29 12:00 noon (EDT) - projects leads will assess defect list
and expect reports from component leads on "go/no-go"  --
so anticipating "declare" decision Friday after noon.

4/30 - sleep or celebrate all day, depending on your inclinations :)
 -- at least, that's the plan.

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