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[wtp-dev] Builds missing zips

The current problem with WTP builds missing the zips is due to a change in plugin.  Checking the notes - The plugins are build, they are even copied properly to tmp folder to be zipped/tarred, but the build skips the zipping stage and deletes this directory.

Checking the new M6 pde build scripts I found a note that says.

Prior to M6, the gather targets of PDE did more than just gather. it also packaged targets.

In M6 these are seperated (gathering plugins/jar and packaging (zips/tars). As
the packaging is different.

There is also a new package.xml script in which does this task for us.

Having found the cause,  in the few hours chasing the solution, I could not get the packaging to work, neither could I find an example.

Any ideas?

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