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Re: [wtp-dev] Virtual API progress


I'm all for abstracting away EMF specific details.

A question about the 'Virtual' API.   It seems like a good amount of the IFile API is duplicated in the IVirtualFile API.  I'm not sure I understand why a client would want to access some of this IVirtualFile API.  Just as an  example, why would a client obtain a IVirtualFile object and then call virtualFile.getCharset()? Wouldn't a client simply call virtualFile.getRealFile().getCharset() ?  



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03/29/2005 09:53 AM

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[wtp-dev] Virtual API progress

Extended Team:

     We have been making progress on the proposal to expose a "Virtual
Path API" to allow clients to browse flexible project structures without
dealing directly with the underlying EMF models. We are beginning to lean
towards making the models wholly internal to allow us the freedom to make
changes in the next release of WTP if necessary. Are there any opinions out
there about this?

     The initial cut of the API is already available in CVS under the
modelcore plugin
We are targeting this weeks Integration Build to have the API tests in
places and most if not all of the javadoc. The one thing that hasn't yet
been addressed is how we intend to expose the Referenced Components
(formerly Dependent Workbench Modules) through the Virtual Path API. We
started by coping the IResource, IContainer, IFolder, and IFile, and then
pruning those down to methods that deal with navigation. The javadoc is not
yet ready, so any docs that are there are left over from Eclipse Platform.
We also added methods that were more specific that we thought would be
helpful: getWorkspaceRelativePath(), getProjectRelativePath() [as in
Platform], getRuntimePath(), getRealFile(s)/Folder(s)(), and

     We are also considering changing our use of the EMF URI object to use
the more Eclipse-friendly IPath object to model path structures within the
model. By making the models internal, we allow ourselves the opportunity to
make this change at a later time (e.g. R1.1), but are considering making
this change as quickly as this Friday. Any thoughts?

Kind Regards,

Michael D. Elder
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