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Re: [wtp-dev] Question about Publish

Hi Thomas,

Incremental publish is not gone; it's just done it a different way. In M2, there was the choice of "smart" (incremental) publish, full publish, or "prompt user" (let the user pick which files) publishing methods. These settings applied to all servers, even though they were handled differently (or ignored) by each server type. The underlying API was difficult to implement and didn't fit in well with new publishing methods like Ant or server specific commands. Plus, prompt user was almost never used, mainly because it had usability problems.

In M3, the publishing API has been greatly simplified. On publish, each server gets a publish request per module, along with flags to tell it what has changed (new module, changed, no change, remove module) and whether to do an incremental, full, or clean (wipe out and refresh) publish. It's roughly similar to the Eclipse incremental project builder. We do not have the UI in place yet to allow the user to choose which one they'd like to perform, so by default all publishing requests are currently incremental. Of course, most of the existing server implementations have not had a chance to change either, and still use whatever method they did before. As you've found, we've also added automatic publishing on changes, both globally at the remote/local server level and an override on each server.

Tim deBoer
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Thomas Yip <tyip.os@xxxxxxxxx>
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02/23/2005 08:37 PM

Please respond to

[wtp-dev] Question about Publish

Hi developers,

I notice that publish options in the Preferences --> Server panel is
changed since WTP-M2.

If I remember correctly, there were option of "incremental republish"
and "full republish". They are not gone, and seem to be replaced with
"Publish to servers every xyz s".

Does it means incremental republish is no longer in the task list? Or,
is it just a temp measure before WTP getting there?


- Thomas

Thomas Yip
Senior Software Engineer
BEA Systems

"The complexity you remove can never fail.", Burt Rutan.
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