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Re: [wtp-dev] API Documentation publish process

There is now also a sister doc plugin for jst under jst/components/doc.  The instructions below also apply to this plugin.

Thank you,

Jason A. Sholl
919-543-0011 (t/l 441-0011)

Michael Elder/Cambridge/IBM@IBMUS
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02/18/2005 04:02 PM

Please respond to

[wtp-dev] API Documentation publish process

Extended Team:

     There is a new directory under wst/components named "doc" wherein the
new "org.eclipse.wst.doc.isv" plugin lives. This plugin has an Ant script
named "javadoc.xml" that handles the details of building the Javdoc for all
WST components.

     To add your API to the generation process, update the
org.eclipse.wst.doc.isv/ file to include your (1) source
folder container(s) for API, (2) API packages to document, and (3) the bin
directory of the plugin. Each of these paths assumes that
org.eclipse.wst.doc.isv is peer to all other plugins that contain API.

     To create a package description file, begin with
org.eclipse.wst.doc.isv/template_package.xml and put it in your API package
as "package.xml". The first sentence should be a general summary of the
package -- this will appear on the overview page beside the package name.
This file has some standard templates that have been used through the J2EE
doc process, and we would encourage other teams to adopt these for
consistency. There is a comment in the file as well that must be removed
before XSLT will run on the file. The comment includes information about
how to link images directly into the Javadoc.

     If you'd like to see an example of how this is done, see

     The API are available on the website now ( but I'm not currently
anticipating that this part of the publish process be a long term solution.
However, this will allow us to make them available to users though until
the build plan is fully hammered out.

Kind Regards,

Michael D. Elder
Rational Studio / J2EE Tools Development
Ext: (919) 543-8356
T/L:  441-8356

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