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Re: [wtp-dev] Testing Web services tools in WTP M3 candidate I-build 200502230727

Axis 1.2 RC2 is not supported in M3. Our current approach is to monitor Apache for the arrival of the Final release of Axis 1.2, and then - if timing allows - integrate support for it in time for WTP 1.0 (and in the appropriate milestone). If it starts looking like Axis 1.2 Final will not be released in time, we may very well decide to pull in the latest available release candidate instead.

Note that Axis 1.2 RC2 still uses the now-reserved JRE 1.5 "enum" keyword, so I don't think moving to Axis 1.2 RC2 would solve the particular issue you're bumping into. If you open a Bug against Apache Axis, they might be open to fixing this.

Cheers - CB.

Chris Brealey
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02/23/2005 03:23 PM

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Re: [wtp-dev] Testing Web services tools in WTP M3 candidate I-build 200502230727

Kathy Chan wrote:
> We are currently running FVT on the Web services tools in the WTP M3
>  driver on Windows and Linux.  Here's the link to the test plan:
> If there's anyone in the community interested in helping out the
> testing of the Web services tools to identify problem areas that
> needs to be addressed, you're more than welcome to do so.  If you
> find any defect that you think is critical to be addressed in M3,
> please let us know.

Is Axis 1.2 planned to be supported by M3 build? Axis1.1/Apache Soap in
version from first Eclipse 3.1M5a build are not really useful for those
working with J2SE5.0 (all autogenerated client proxies have imports of
packages named org.apache.<something>.*enum*)

Running Eclipse on J2SE5.0 when I tried to generate a bean based web
service I have got a nice bunch of exceptions (from
ClassNotFoundException claiming that my javabean was not found, to NPE
in axis core) but those are probably caused because Axis 1.1 is somewhat
not working right in J2SE5.0 environment.

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