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Re: [wtp-dev] Example creation wizard

Hi Alex,

If there are similar things, specially in the same common component, they
probably should be combined.  Initially code in common.frameworks.internal
.ui came from J2EE component, so I have to get familiar with it first.
You are always welcome to submit a request describing your use case and a
proposal.  If you already have something developed, that you'd like to put
in WTP, you can also submit it as a patch with that request.

Best regards,


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Thanks for reply. Do you have a plans to add/combine this functionality
with "wizards API" exposed in
org.eclipse.wst.common.frameworks.internal.ui package?

In Pollinate project we need an ability to import templates content in
final project by choosing the template during project creation
procedure. So I'm working right now on something similar to this
extension point you have. But I've strong feeling that it should be a
part of WTP maybe I should file a enhancement request bug?


Ella Belisario wrote:

>below is the example of the extension in org.eclipse.wst.xml.ui plugin.
>wizard should be an extension of
>org.eclipse.wst.common.ui.wizards.ExampleProjectCreationWizard, which has
>page for specifying project name and location.  Now it's possible to
>customize that project name in terms of few attributes, such as project
>name, pagetitle, etc.,  and import project content and configuration from
>the source file into "dest" folder.
> <!-- configure the XMLSamples project wizard -->
>   <extension point=
>         id="XMLExampleProjectCreationWizardExtension">
>         <wizard
>                  id=
>                  banner="icons/newSampleProject_wizbanner.gif">
>                <projectsetup
>                        pagetitle=
>                        label="%XMLExampleProjectCreationWizard.label"
>                        pagedescription=
>                        open="readme.html">
>                    <import
>                          dest=""
>                          src="examples/"/>
>                </projectsetup>
>            </wizard>
>      </extension>
>You could try to extend ExampleProjectCreationWizard by adding your own
>pages (e.g. pages from J2EEModuleCreationWizard) and re-use code that gets
>information from the extension point to configure those pages and perform
>operation on finish.
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>       Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:06:59 -0500
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> Can I use org.eclipse.wst.common.ui.exampleProjectCreationWizard
> extension point to create sample Web Project using customized extension
> of org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.ui.J2EEModuleCreationWizard (similar to Dynamic
> Web Project)?
> If yes, how can I specify WebModuleCreationDataModel.WEB_CONTENT
> property of the model in "dest" attribute?
> Thanks,
> Alex.
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