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[wtp-dev] A Note on Build Notes

I've written up a tiny summary of this milestone. Please see

This all started because we don't have an automatic "build notes" file created (yet), and
rather than leave that space "blank" on our download page, I wanted to at least
link users somewhere. Then realized there was not a great place to
point anyone too, so created the above section on our website's
download page.

The point of this note is just to say if I've erred or been too brief about
*your* favorite features, no oversight intended and, team leads, please correct that page.
I consider that page section as just the start of some information, if anyone wants
to organize a better "new and noteworthy and tutorials" document that's fine.

I know I've heard some people discuss doing so, but not sure of current plans, status,
or outlook, so thought I'd place that web page section there as a minimal place holder.
Maybe all that's needed is a few more links?

Thanks much.

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