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RE: [wtp-dev] A WTP tutorial


Thanks for the feedback.

But one correction seems necessary.  You describe the "J2EE Runtime Library"
as optional in the runtime preferences.  In fact, it's required.  Only the
J2EE library config, and not the Tomcat config, can be used by the new
project wizard.  This is where I hit the wall before posting my previous
message.  I saw in your tutorial screenshot that you actually used J2EE
Library and not Tomcat in the new project wizard.

This is a bug, needs fixing.

In last week's I-build, it was possible to publish content from an ordinary
Java project folder.  Is this no longer supported?

The generic server can capture modules that "fit" the J2EE spec even if they are not in a web project. And it can deploy them to servers.

However, the general issue of modules/projects is within the scope of the current work on flexible project layouts. I believe that servers should be able to handle modules regardless of the style of project they are in.

Chuck Bridgham, and I (unfortunately have not been active lately) currently lead the work in this area. We are very interested in hearing requirements.


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