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[wtp-dev] Request to delete directories from CVS -- an update

FYI ... I've learned that with this repository, any committer can delete the directories from CVS themselves (by logging on directly to with SSH).
I'm hesitant to 'advertise' this, since I would not typically recommend just any committer do it! But ... just so everyone knows the same information, thought I'd be explicit
with what I've learned (from the webmaster, and then from experience). I still recommend, as a team, we follow the convention documented in the WTP Practices document (pasted below), which I've updated to say "someone" instead of "webmaster", and I don't mind being that "someone" to periodically clean up CVS directories, when appropriate.

  • Obsolete directories in CVS. If, due to renaming, refactoring, or just spelling mistakes, a directory in CVS should literally be deleted, to avoid a large of confusing directories, please use following procedure. First, if it contains source, its recommend to version that plugin's source, with a name such as "obsolete<date>". Next delete the source, and leave in its place a single file named "obsolete.txt" . If appropriate, that file can contain information about why obsolete, where the replacement is, etc. Lastly, someone will occasionally delete those directories from CVS (not typically an desirable thing to do, since it is a source code control system! Note: if some code or project simply become old or outdated, it is usually not appropriate to delete it since it might be required for simple historical reason. In these cases, its recommended to version the final version with some descriptive name like "outdated<date>" and leave a file in the directory called something like "outdated.txt" with some description of when and why, if there's a similar function offered elsewhere, etc.
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David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
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11/21/2004 07:38 PM

Please respond to

[Wtp-wst-dev] Request to delete directories from CVS

FYI ... I've sent following to webmaster for deletion ... now we'll see if the system works as expected.


----- Forwarded by David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM on 11/21/2004 07:36 PM -----
David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM

11/21/2004 07:23 PM

Request to delete directories from CVS

Please delete the following directories and their subdirectories from our WebTools CVS repository.

Its not that they are "old code" or old versions, but just that we incorrectly created them,

and there's some concern about it being confusing to have too many old/obsolete directories

in CVS.

They each should have a file in them named obsolete.txt, as a cue to you that it is ok

to delete.

If there's some way I can do this myself, let me know, but from past experience it takes

someone with "admin" privileges to do it.



























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