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[wtp-dev] Patch to enable the option to pick and choose which build to run performance tests

Here's a patch that allows you to pick and choose which build to run
performance testing.

(See attached file: patch-org.eclipse.wtp.releng)

To run performance tests for a build that's available from the Eclipse
download site:

1. Check out /home/webtools/org.eclipse.wtp.releng.
2. Change the properties files to fit your system.
3. Open a command prompt and navigate to the org.eclipse.wtp.releng
4. Run the following command:

ant -f cruise.xml -DbuildType=<buildType> -DbuildId=<buildId>
-Dtimestamp=<timestamp> performance

For example:

ant -f cruise.xml -DbuildType=N -DbuildId=N20041127
-Dtimestamp=200411271458 performance

Running performance tests for a local build is similar. Go to your
${buildDirectory} directory and check buildType, buildId and timestamp for
your local build. Go through the same steps as above. The performance
results are written to the ${testDir}/results directory. Bugzilla 79658
( is used to track



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