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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP I-Build Available - some observations

I case its not obvious, the attached note meant I20041125, not I20041115.

I would like to publically thank Keith Chong and Phil Avery for working late to (try) and get the 8:00 AM I-build to be successful. It still wasn't quite, as there were some issues with
test plugins which caused a "build fail" in Cruise Control, but not on local builds ... so thanks to Naci too to get that part over the hump (not to mention working through issues with the FTP update to Eclipse site).  And thanks to everyone who contributed.

This was a significant week in that I believe all "initially contributed code" has made it into CVS (though not necessarily in a build) so future development can now truly take place "in the open" as intended.

I happened to informally count up a few statistics on current code ... I'm sure some of these (and more) will eventually be collected automatically, but I thought it'd be interesting to get an idea of where we are starting from.

planned subsystems: 12, components: 24

code plugins: 106
        vs. base and pre-reqs: 144
tests plugins: 21
        vs. base and pre-reqs: ?

 extensions points: 129 in 35 plugins
    vs. base and pre-reqs:  176 in 41 plugins

 lines of code: 430,000
    vs. base Eclipse: 2,000,000

 CVS recorded changes since last I-build: 3500

 weeks of successful I-builds: 0 of 2
This last one is the only one I'll editorialize ... and, I know we're just getting into the rhythm of weekly I-builds ... but this week, to someone sitting there trying to get a good pre-I-build the day before the I-build (as I was), it was pretty obvious many teams took the I-build deadline as a signal to "hurry up and make those large changes" they had planned. Just to re-state the obvious ... the day before the I-build is not the time to make the large changes ... the time to do that is right after the I-build. This is important since sometimes frequent good builds are needed just to make sure things like unit tests are incorporated correctly.  I'm sure this sort of churn will be better managed by all of us component leads/committers now that we are getting into a rhythm.

Again, thanks all.

Naci Dai <naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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11/26/2004 01:40 AM

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[wtp-dev] WTP I-Build Available

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