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[wtp-dev] Additional bugzilla components

Our friendly webmaster has created new bugzilla components for us, which pretty much
match are components in CVS (I didn't include 'assembly', since that is pretty
isolated, nor 'jst.common', since I'd be very surprised if that lasts as a "API component").

I suggest component leads (or delegate) add appropriate "inboxes" to your bugzilla preferences to
get automatically notified when there's a new bug or change to one in your component.
Technically, as far as bugzilla is concerned, the inbox is the default owner until
its assigned to someone. This allows the "role" of "bugzilla component owner" to
be delegated to someone besides component lead (and usually allows for better
mail reader filtering).

End-users and co-developers can still use the high level "Web Standard Tools"
or "J2EE Standard Tools" if there's ever any doubt about where something belongs,
and someone will move to more specific component as appropriate. (I'll certainly
monitor the overall high level components, but any committer can move, if you see one that
should be moved).

If fact, I have "blindly" moved a bunch of them, just based on quick
skimming of abstract ... so check it out ... and feel free to move to correct
component if I erred.

BTW, if a committer ever finds they only have 'new' button on webtools bug,
you should know that a note to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx should get you the right
access/procedure to have "committer rights" for bugs.

Following is the complete list of inboxes corresponding to the low-level
bugzilla components.

 wst.web-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx,  ,          

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