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[wtp-dev] bugzilla entries for integration build?

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As I start testing the XML/XSD/WSDL tools in the latest integration build, should I create bugzilla entries for each error I find (with patches, if possible)?  Is someone monitoring the bugzilla database, or should I post messages here with bug URLs?
I'm not familiar with all details of the automated build process.  Is the "" used to auto-gen a build.xml in each project?
There is a bug in org.eclipse.wst.xml.ui where the "examples" directory is not inluded in the plugin JAR, so the example project creation wizard fails (works in debug environment, but not when deployed from the binary build).  Also, extra "src" folders are incorrectly included in the plugin JAR.  This can be fixed by modifying the
Thanks everyone for the hard work these past few days to get an integration build ready!
-- Dave

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