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Re: [wtp-dev] Re: Fw: [wtp-committers] BUILD PROCESS & CALENDAR

There are no problems with using nested features. 

However we need to be a bit careful; Automated build scripts are very sensitive to problems, version numbers, dependencies etc.  As the size of the code gets large, people need to take extra care with these issues. It will be very hard for the relang team to clean the problems in features.

So I will suggest the following:

Nested features are ok but please adhere to the following practices:

1) Do not use version numbers in feature.xml or plugin.xml files.  ( As the eclipse/plugin the code builds in the workspace but not by the build tool, it does not use substitute versions)
2) Do not include plugins for other subprojects (i.e. jst plugins in a wst feature or vice versa)
3) Avoid circularities (always do a check).
4) Do not nest too many features (two is enough, three is a lot, four is no-no).  Remember your combinatorics classes.

At 11:58 PM 11/4/2004, Brad Blancett wrote:


Quick question?, I am assuming the jst\components\assembly\features\org.eclipse.jst\feature.xml is used for global builds. Should we be adding plugins here or nested component features? If everyone starts contributing individual plugins I am afraid it will get out of hand. Plus, it would require two places to update plugin changes. I might be missing something? I think it might be easier to have nested features than plugin themselves unless there is a build restriction.


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