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[wtp-dev] Re: Fw: [wtp-committers] BUILD PROCESS & CALENDAR

At 10:25 AM 11/3/2004, you wrote:

Hi Keith,

We are re to adyadd some of our plugins to the WTP builds.  Can committers update the script files in the org.eclipse.wtp.releng plugin as well?  We have a dependency on GEF, so we need to update the scripts to extract the GEF zip to the base location.

The build scripts are now updated to download from a URL. You can add your changes for GEF plugin ( provide URL for GEF Build in build.cfg file and add script for downloading and unzipping).    Or just send me the URL and I will do it for you.

Question regarding the following point in the Build Workflow for WTP where you say "Label your code in CVS with the .map files labels for the Monday integration build".  We're unclear as to what this means.   Are these labels already in place prior to tagging the source files?  When we commit/release a change, the release tool should tag the source files and then update the map file with the appropriate tag.  Does this step mean we have to do additional tagging?  Can you provide a simple example to clarify?

Here is how the workflow goes:

-On monday, releng team labels wst and jst projects from HEAD on with the tag for friday (i.e. v20041224 ), the milestone build ( WTP 1.0M2 ).   The label is always the date preceeded by a "v".  You do not have to anything for this.

-Developers decide which label goes to the build by editing their corresponding plugin/feature in a .map file.  By default we will move them to the current lane on Monday.  If anybody prefers a different label to be used, we need to be notified.

From this point on, committers will decide what will be gone for Friday's milestone build by moving the label.   For the two integration builds on monday and wednesday with the current label (v20041224).

Committers are responsible for following these builds and solving build problems by moving their labels. Release tool will not label any file. It uses the release which is defined in map files.

Also, are the current *.map files final/set?  Should we split the file into separate map files based on subcomponents?  I noticed jdt has,, files.

You can split map files on subcomponents. We use all *.map files in maps folder so there is no problem in splitting them.


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