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[wtp-dev] For testcases that require Tomcat (and other servers)

Hi all,

I'm working on some junit testcases for server tools and Web services
tools. For now, these testcases require Tomcat to be installed (will
require other servers in the future). I was talking to a couple of folks
from the base project and learnt that there was a similar requirement for
Team/CVS tools. Basically, they need a CVS server running somewhere. The
way they worked this out is to use a property to specify the URL to the CVS
server. The same approach can apply to Tomcat; however, this approach
requires some level of maintenance because we need to keep up with the
different servers and their versions. Another approach is to check in the
actual zip files into CVS, but these zip files are usually pretty big
(Tomcat is 10MB+ and JBoss 4.0.0 is 80MB+), also not sure if there
are any legal issues with doing that? Personally, I like the first approach
more, but I want to get inputs from other people. Any



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