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Re: [wtp-dev] FAQs

jduska.2514300@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I've noticed that there several common questions that keep poping up on the
newsgroups and the maillists. I was wondering have we already started a FAQ?
Not yet.

If not, what is the process to start one?
I don't know if there is a process...

Simply, when talking a topic : just say that this, or that Q&A, has to be in the FAQ.

Is this a subject that best
left to the newsgroup or this something that need to be discussed on the maillists,
since it, hopefully, be hosted on WTP site on
I don't have in mind the previous common questions that could be in such FAQ. If you have such questions in mind, please email me as it will be helpful as FAQ basis.



Regards, Jeff Duska _______________________________________________
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