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[wtp-dev] The current state of the WebDAV/FTP plugins

To everyone interested in FTP/WebDAV,

There have been several discussions lately on various newsgroups and mailing lists about the state of FTP/WebDAV support in Eclipse. Currently, this support is available as a separate download from the Eclipse Platform SDK download page. There has been a recent cleanup and refactoring and the plugins involved can now be divided into the following categories (the new structure is in HEAD and will start appearing in next weeks integration builds):

1) Simple clients: There are separate plugins that provide simple FTP and WebDAV clients with dependencies only on org.eclipse.core.runtime.
2) Site and Target Resource API: There is a target resource API and implementations for FTP, WebDAV, and IFile.
3) Site Explorer: The site explorer allows the creation of sites to any of the above mentioned resource types. Sites can be browsed and resources can be copied between sites.
3) IDE Integration: The above 3 feature sets are not tied to the IDE and can be used in an RCP application. There is additional funtionality for integration into the Team Synchronization view.

I am posting this message to see what interest there is in these plugins. As it currently stands, these plugins are maintained by Team as an example of integration into the Synchronize view. They are not product quality and there is no future work planned to make them so. A bug has been logged against Platform WebDAV that proposes moving these plugins to the Web Tools project. Here is a link to that bug:

Of course, the proposed move only makes sense if there are parties in the Web Tools community who are willing to contribute to these plugins. If you feel that these plugins should be part of the Web Tools project and you are willing to contribute to them in some way, please add yourself to the CC list of the above-mentioned bug and add a comment stating what kind of contribution you are willing to make (i.e. code contributions, testing, etc.). The amount of interest will gauge the possibility of these plugins moving and/or becoming product quality.

Michael Valenta
Platform Team Component Committer

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