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[wtp-dev] Problem in Setup and Configuration of LOMBOZ


I have downloaded the initial binaries of Eclipse Web
Tooling Platform Contribution - LOMBOZ from site

I followed the detailed installation instructions in
this  page. While configuring the wizard using section

3.0 Lomboz Preferences (which is can be got from the
link given atop), I am facing these issues:

- In Window -> Preferences Wizard -> Java, I am not
able to find the sub node "New Project". They have
said  that "To use Lomboz, Java projects need to have
separate source and binary folders. Open the
preferences dialog from Workbench -Preferences menu
and Expand the Java item, New Project.". But I am not
getting this node

- Secondly they have said that "Make sure that the
‘Use folders for source and output location as default
for newly created Java projects’ check box is ticked."
I am also not getting this control.

Can anyone please let me know where am I going wrong?
Or is these sets published are having some build


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