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[wtp-dev] FW: [platform-webdav-dev] It's time to put it in the SDK

Michael Valenta proposes moving the FTP/WebDAV plugins over to the Webtools project because it is related to deployment. What do you think?

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I'm glad to hear that the FTP/WebDAV support is working well for you. I must point out though that there are many for which it does not work well, one reason being the large number of FTP server types with their own file listing format. Also, these plugins lack a test suite which would need to be created as well. But, by all means, log a bug report against Platform Team so all interested parties can track this issue and add their comments. 

I personally do not feel that the FTP/WebDAV support should be part of the SDK. I think they should live somewhere where the contributors to the project have a vested interest in the use of FTP/WebDAV. This would allow those that use the plugin to maintain it as well. There are very few users of these plugins on the Eclipse Platform team so it is a poor home for these plugins. I would suggest that the WebTools project would be a better home since that is an area where FTP/WebDAV (and possibly a general deployment API) will be an intregal piece. 

On a side note, as an RCP user, you may be interested in the refactoring that has begun in order to make FTP/WebDAV usable in an RCP application (i.e. independant of IResource). The new plugins do not yet have an official home in but you can access them through the following URL. 


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Subject[platform-webdav-dev] It's time to put it in the SDK

I'd like to request FTP/WebDav be incorporated into the 3.1 Eclipse SDK and the separate download be removed. In the past the argument was that it wasn't as well tested or up to the quality standards of the rest of the SDK, but it has been working great for me and others for a couple of years.

There are too many separate packages on the download page so this would help a little to reduce clutter there (and I'm tired of downloading it over and over with each build :). If this needs a bugzilla entry opened I'll be happy to do that.
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