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Re: [wtp-dev] Web Services Explorer

The Web Services Explorer was implemented as a Web application because
ultimately we would like the Web Services Explorer to be capable of running
on a standalone Web servers such as Tomcat, as well as in the Eclipse
environment. This will provide a thin client approach for
publishing/discovering from UDDI/WSIL and invoking Web services.

As for the Tomcat v50 issue, thanks for bringing this up. We'll investigate
this issue.


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I was wondering why the Web Services Explorer was implemented as an
application in Tomcat instead of a regular Eclipse view?

Also I have Preferences > Server > Installed Runtimes pointing to Tomcat
v5.0, but there is a separate option under Preferences > Web Services >
Server and Runtime that doesn't list Tomcat v5.0 as an option - what's up
with that? This is blocking evaluation of the wizard to create a web

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